Professional indemnity insurance is an essential component for nearly every business professional. Whether you're a interior designer or the owner of a major media consulting firm, indemnity insurance protects your business from lawsuits and claims demanding restitution for damage.

At Square Insurance Services, we offer comprehensive coverage options designed around your specific industry and client base. Our primary goal is not to secure just any policy, but to identify the absolute best indemnity policy for your business.

Not sure how to go about selecting the best policy Square Insurance Services offers detailed information regarding:




Businesses We Insure

While medical professionals and consulting firms are generally required to hold some form of professional indemnity insurance coverage, what other businesses benefit from our services? Businesses we cover include:

Dental Clinics

Natural Therapists

Public Relations Consultants

Advertising Agents

Personal Fitness Trainers

Veterinarian Clinics

Management Consultants

Employment Agents


Medical Nurses

Protecting Your Business and Your Clients

One of the most common misconceptions regarding professional indemnity insurance is who these policies actually protect. Our answer: Everyone.

Professional Indemnity Insurance is not just made to protect a business or professional. Rather, it's designed to expand the reach of protection for all parties involved within a project. For the business, our policies safeguard your reputation and financial stability against claims and lawsuits. For the client, our indemnity insurance policies safeguard their investment into your services by guaranteeing your work and behaviour.

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Of course, the aforementioned businesses are not the only industries we specialize in. Every Insurance Specialist at Square Insurance Services is trained to identify your risk threshold to better understand what type of coverage your company requires.

                 Gain the Coverage You Require

Square Insurance Services specializes in customizing a professional indemnity insurance policy based upon your specific needs. Unlike other insurance companies, who hand out basic/standard policies to all businesses, Square Insurance Services takes the time to understand each and every process of your business. The following questions are used to determine what policy options are best for your unique professional life:

    ✓ Does Your Company Personally Handle People's Information

    ✓ Do You Own/Utilize Speciality Equipment

    ✓ How Many Employees Do You Have

    ✓ Does Your Business Utilize Subcontractors and/or Freelancers

    ✓ What Would Happen If You Were Unable to Work

What About Supplemental Coverage

If clients rely on your professional expertise, you must safeguard your business with a professional indemnity insurance plan. Prevent bearing the cost of legal fees and settlement compensation by activating a personalized, and powerful, indemnity insurance policy from Square Insurance Services.

Our Happy Client's

"At first I wasn't sure if Square Insurance Services would be the best option for me. That was until I spoke with them. Their knowledge and willingness to provide comprehensive coverage turned me into a lifelong customer."

"With a dedication to quality customer service, this insurance provider is unlike any other. I highly recommend their services for businesses of all sizes."

"When I had a claim filed against me, I was nervous and unsure. Thankfully, Square Insurance Services was there to answer all my questions. They took the time to understand my concerns and handled the claim with respect and dedication."

"From the moment I first called them, Square Insurance Services has offered outstanding customer service and coverage. I couldn't imagine dealing with any other insurance provider."